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The game is finished!... at least for now. Now with sounds, extra lighting and cinemachine visual candy.

I'm really happy with how this game has come along - it almost perfectly matches the vision I had in my head. There are still some performance issue, gameplay balancing, sounds and visual tweaks I would like to make in the future - but as a submission, I am happy.

I did intend originally to make multiple levels but ended up focusing on making the gameplay more fun. Now all the systems work, and are modular - more levels can easily be added.

W A S D - Movement
Shift - Sprint
Mouse - Aim laser

Assets used:
Font: Aldo the Apache by AJ Paglia
Laser sound by staticpony1
Enemy 'pop' sound by Gniffelbaf
Background loop: Made by me, with samples from Splice

Features implemented:
- Artwork (okay, so I only actually drew the shield... everything else is just shapes in Unity... but I feel my choice of visual effects, colours, font and lighting should count for something... please?)
- A Star pathfinding on enemies, followed by seeking behaviour
- Cinemachine with camera shake linked to the score increasing
- Game over, title and how to play scenes
- Multiple enemy types
- Sound for background music & enemies dying

All the previous feedback from the testing survey was implemented:

  • Enemy speed was slightly too fast, this has now been reduced to be more balanced. This has made the game feel much better in the end game.
  • Some players reported enemies becoming stuck in the door. The spawn has been updated to help address this. Enemies now target the rooms center until they within the room bounds.
  • "At the very start of me playing, I didn't think the laser was doing anything until I noticed the colour changes". Enemies health has now been greatly reduced for the smallest 'grub' enemy to give a punchy, immediate feedback to the player.
  • Due to popular demand, a third enemy type was added last minute with a shield. This was something I hadn't thought of but works really well as it encourages smart plays with the laser bouncing off walls.

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