Week 8

Week 8 has seen minimal progress - with the main outcome for the week being that the ray casting system from the player is complete. I have started implemented basic enemy behaviour and spawning.

The ray casting was now working suitably. Currently set to 2 reflections (bounces), as more than that was becoming extremely challenging to avoid. This will be adjusted as gameplay testing continues to find the right difficulty sweet spot.

Once the ray casting was working as intended, I then worked it so that it feeds into a line renderer - so the rays are now visible to the player - but I initially had some trouble where I could only get the initial (first) ray collision to be drawn via the line renderer.

Ian came to the rescue with this handy piece of code which allowed me to feed to multiple collision points from the ray cast into the line renderer:

List<vector3> listOfPoints = new List<vector3>();
RayCastOffNormal(transform.position, firstHitObject, layerMask, reflections, listOfPoints);
lineRenderer.positionCount = listOfPoints.Count;

With the ray casting and line rendering sorted (for now), I moved onto implementing a basic enemy. I'm starting with the "grub" style enemy - the smaller, faster and easier-to-kill of the two enemies planned so far.

This enemy is currently blocked out and represented by a yellow circle.

I have now created an enemy prefab for the "grub" - with basic pursuing AI behaviour. The next step is to add enemy spawning and death on collision with the laser - then it will be ready for the first stage of play testing.

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