Week 10

This week saw a lot of frustrations with my door system. It is now built to run from enemies moving into a trigger zone, but it is still far from perfect - occasionally doors delay opening or open & close one extra time compared to what is required.

Here is my BUG OF THE WEEK! Those pesky wall & doors are going to haunt my nightmares. 

Play testing feedback

Finally got some play testing feedback this week!

  • A bug was uncovered where enemies don't die from the first part of the laser (before it has reflected off any surfaces). rather than fix this, it has been suggested that enemies get a shield facing the player to add to the challenge and mean reflections must be used
  • Players generally appreciated the visual style and use of lighting
  • Players were unclear about why the enemies stopped spawning, this will be fixed once the wave based spawning is implemented

To do next week

  • Fix door engine to work with all 4 doors, then have enemies spawn in waves
  • Add health to player, where it takes ~2 seconds to kill yourself with the laser and health regenerates very slowly
  • Add score for killing enemies
  • Add pressing 'R' to restart (until better menu is made)
  • Add 'shields' to enemies, facing the player for a small radius

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