Week 12

Definitely now in the 'polish' stage!

This week has seen many new features and gameplay tweaks implemented:

  • New larger enemy type, with a slower movement speed but MUCH more health than the smaller enemy
  • New font used for score (and in progress menu development), using Aldo the Apache by AJ Paglia
  • Particles particles particles! Where the laser hits & when enemies die
  • More balanced spawning behaviour. The enemies spawned at once now decreases slightly as the speed at which doors open increases.

An early version of the laser particles, drawn at the points where the laser hits an object

Gameplay showing particles on enemy death, as well as the score increasing in size temporarily after every kill

I also created a survey and ran a testing session with classmates this week. Main feedback was:

  • Enemy speed was slightly too fast, this has now been changed
  • Some players reported enemies becoming stuck in the door. The spawn behaviour still needs to be updated to fix this.
  • Generally everyone found the controls very intuitive & the visual style good

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