It's time to robot cowbot!

One Shot Standoff is a fast paced, 1v1 tactical fighter where each player has only one chance to fire their EMP blast. Be careful not to fire when your opponent's shield is up. Use the environment and manage your shield battery to outwit the other player - will you fire at the right time?

How to play

  • Each round two players face off for 60 seconds
  • Left click or right trigger to fire your bomb
  • Right click or right bumper to take down your shield
  • Each players shield slowly drains whilst it's active
  • Try to fire when the other player has their shield down!

NOTE: You will need a keyboard/mouse, a controller and two people to play


Glass normal map -

Unity toon shader -

First person controller -

Glass shaders -

Unity particle pack -

Goma western font -


Final Pitch.pptx


game (testing demo).zip 10 MB

Development log

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